Poem #56

For quite some time, and rightly,

The associations of poison gas

Were stable:

Conscripts from ol’ Blighty,

Panicking through gas masks as best they

Were able.

They even dubbed the thing mustard

(Which makes sulphur sound benign as Devonshire


But now a Salisbury bench

Seeks to suffocate that scene from

The trench,

And the children of Douma,

Basemented, know world law might prosecute


Poem #54

The most beautiful woman he’d seen,

Dead or alive

(Or, at the very least, top five).

From the wheel of his Cooper

He wanted to toot her,

To evoke winged Cupid

And have the blind boy shoot her.

He needed her like new tenants

Need a wireless router,

Would gladly be neutered

To denude of her of couture-

One problem.

This goddess, this starlet,

Companion of his future,

Was a grown-ass adult,

Riding a scooter.