Poem #80

There are just so many of them

And they all have ideas.

Do you know how I’ve scraped and trawled

For a tuft

A tuft

That hasn’t been trodden, retrodden,

Rucked over by sixteen pairs of aluminium-studded boots?

But now I think I’ve got it –

Just in time, too.

And I tell you:

One unplucked wisp of green

Is worth a mudded life

In sullied nails.

Poem #39

The thing we must say first is that it’s blue;

Next I’d venture comment upon its size;

I fear to ocean lore I’d bring nought new

Without espousing some appalling lies.

But I’ve reasoned that lies can be for good,

And can, perhaps, point to our higher truths;

Those equestrian types would have me rude

If I dissembled not my hate of hooves.

And in this case my verbal reticence,

My sneaky sealing of opinion’s doors,

Shows that I’m conflict-shy (at the expense

Of my contempt for those who would talk horse).

So when I call the tide land’s fading kiss,

Just know there’s nothing in my verse amiss.

Poem #38

Pockets of gold collect above tree trunks,

Leaving each base swaddled in low umbrage;

My quest today is to locate some skunks,

(An ambition of mine since a young age).

Viewed from above they seem to wear medals,

White metal slipped around their unkempt tails;

The forest critters keep them well fed, all!

So that their ‘lympic posture never fails.

But what attracts me most, of course, is stink,

A chance to sample nature’s grim defence;

My nose the beastly odour whole shall drink,

And relish every sensory offense.

Let me ask, before you judge: are my goals

Not just viewing locked doors as unfilled holes?

Poem #32

I just want to live like the trees,

Upright, without strain on my knees;

To feast on human words in the breeze,

Then photosynthesise as I please;

To mutely endure the cruellest disease

And strut the canker like a starchy bleed;

To admit as defence a ring of hippies,

Rattling placards if it a lumberjack sees;

To reserve my dopest fit for when lightning breathes:

Charred, sublime, and misshapen without all my leaves.